Night Camping at PL For Couple

During a movie night under the sky, the stars illuminate the lake and at night, during the full moon, the moon appears in the water that contains the beauty of nature.

night camping at PL

Our campground is located at the beautiful point of the lake is ideal for setting up the mountains and sunsets. We provide premium sanitation services and the highest quality tents in our camp, including fresh disinfectant sheets and blankets. In addition, special arrangements for couples and families ensure that everyone has their own home, such as security, privacy, and freedom. By providing fresh food from farms and markets, meals are always fresh and checked all the time before serving our business at the camp. We promise to provide you with a memorable and hassle-free camping experiance. Join us at the campsite and create many memories. Visit here for the best affordable package for your Pawna lake camping.

PL Camping For Couples

Camping on Lake Pawna For a couple’s movie night and candlelight dinner, we provide couples and families with space for lakefront excursions and walks, and additional sports activities.

Hello friends, are you stressed out from your daily work routine and want to take a break from everyday life and calm down for a while and explore something new? Do you want to feel good with your family and friends? If so, you can stay within walking distance of the best camping vacation spots to keep cool and cool. We have the Pawna Lake camp for couples and families.

It is located 30 km from the city of Lonavala, 110 km from the city of Mumbai, and 58 km from the city of Pune. We offer you the perfect camping experiance on Lake Pawna with a tent, unlimited dinner, free snacks, delicious barbecue, candlelight dinner with movie screenings including a bonfire as a couple, and various activities.

Looking for a couple of camping experiances by the lake? Where can you be surrounded by secluded nature, landscapes beside the castles on the other side of the lake? Here we give you the opportunity to experiance the camping experiance at Lake Pawna as one of the best camping sites in Lonavala.