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Kamshet paragliding in Lonavala

Kamshet Paragliding lonavala

Kamshet paragliding in Lonavala
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Kamshet Paragliding Lonavala

In the Sahyadri mountain range, Kamshet  is popular among paragliding enthusiasts for its excellent topography, ideal weather, and numerous take-off points. It is also blessed with low height hills that offer plenty of flat spaces for an easy landing, making it an ideal learning destination with the highest number of trained paragliding pilots in the nation.

Kamshet trains more than 600 pilots annually whereas Bir is far behind. Bir is largely recognized for its cross-country flying (therefore, there are a greater number of international pilot visitors) and tandem joyrides. Kamshet is easily referred to as the Paragliding Training Mecca. Many fans of flying sports are drawn to the top-notch paragliding training facilities.

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