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lonavala view point Lonavala tourist places & places to visit in lonavala for couples tourist places lonavala

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lonavala places to visit in one day – best places in lonavala  in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, lonavla tourist place spot is in a picturesque hill station that is popular among locals and tourists alike. Known for its serene ambiance, lush greenery, and refreshing weather, this charming hill town is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. one day picnic spot near you, lonavala best place to visit Lonavala  

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Things to do in one day picnic resort in Mumbai Lonavala tourist point  

lonavala best Places near lonavala for one day picnic Famous Lonavla Place to visit – Khandala tourist point Lonavala  spots, Lonavala attractions, lonavala places to visit

lonavala best place  & Best time to visit lonavala – June to December lonavala in rainy season are fun  

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lonavala places to visit

Lohagad fort & Lohagad Trek

places near lonavala to visit in lonavala place, waterfall lonavala A popular trekking destination, Lohagad Fort is an ancient hill fort that offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. it becomes one of the hot tourist hotspots as it receives heavy rainfall, which in turn makes the view from the fort very spectacular lonavala sightseeing lonavala tourist places

lonavala places to visit

Rajmachi view point - lonavala tourist places

lonavala places to visit One of the most popular viewpoints in Lonavala, point offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The sunset from this point is a must-see. Rajmachi Fort is situated in a small village in the rugged mountains of Sahyadri in India. Rajmach Fort is located near Lonavala from a sea-level height of 2710 feet. lonavala points nearby

Tigers Leap in lonavala

Tiger point lonavala

tiger point distance & Tiger point lonavala places to visit lonavala places to see Tourist places open now An ancient Buddhist rock-cut cave temple, Karla Caves are located on a hilltop overlooking the valley. The caves are known for their elaborate sculptures and carvings. tiger point picnic spot in lonavala is majorly attractive weather is amazing during monsoon Tiger's Leap, also known as Waghdari, is a cliff-top with a sheer drop of over 650 m, offering a wide view of the hills. It offers spectacular views of forests, lush greenery, waterfalls and lakes around. The sunrise and sunset views from here are mesmerizing.

bushi dam in lonavala

Bhushi Dam in Lonavala

lonavala sightseeing places places to visit in lonavla and khandala bhushi dam tiger point places of interest in lonavala A perfect places to visit in lonavala in monsoon spot for a picnic with family and friends, Bhushi Dam is a popular destination for its serene surroundings and picturesque beauty. Avoid during mansoon season

lonavala places to visit

Wax Museum

spot near lonavala famous places in lonavala A fun-filled experience for all ages, the Wax Museum in Lonavala showcases lifelike wax statues of famous personalities from India and around the world.

lonavala places to visit

Kune Falls

lonavala places to visit A picturesque waterfall located in the heart of the Sahyadri range, Kune Falls is a popular spot for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.vKune Falls locates between the twin hills of Lonavla and Khandala. The region locates at an elevation of 622 m above sea level against the backdrop of the magnificent Sahyadri Mountains in western Maharash

Lonavala places to visit

Tungarli Lake - lonavala spots to visit

tungi lake pavna tariff Serene lake surrounded by lush greenery and hills, Tungarli Lake is a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic or a nature walk. best place to stay in lonavala for couple Tung for was built before 1600CE It shape and structure suggest that main function alot area in the mavel region the major fort of visapur and lohgad places to visit in lonavla and khandala

Lonavala places to visit

Ryewood Park - places to visit in lonavla

A lush green park located in the heart of Lonavala, Ryewood Park is a perfect spot for a peaceful stroll or a picnic with family and friends.Very clean and well-maintained park. It is full of tall trees and flowers. There is also a temple inside the park. Entry is free for all. Nice way to spend a lazy afternoon. But if you are short of time you may avoid it

Lonavala places to visit

Nagphani (Duke's Nose) lonavala points list

dukes nose trek difficulty level - Normal level its easy Duke nose is a thrilling trek One of the cheapest and less time consuming place of Lonavala in monsoon, It is hardly 6 Km away from Lonavala station and nearest for crowd coming from Mumbai highway rout is from Kurvande village It’s a beautiful hill station You can mark this spot in your list to explore the beautiful nature view it is known as nagphani hill because mountain is shaped as nose Duke nose is unspoiled and peaceful to enjoy your me time

Lonavala places to visit

Lionpas Point Lonavala

Lions point - this is most visited place in Lonavala it’s because of its stunning view point From this point you get to see tungarli lake and dam and big view of bushi dam, if you’re visiting during mansoon you should never miss this place

Lonavala places to visit

Korigad Fort

lonavala tourist place list - korigad fort The fort is located about 923m ( 3,028 ft ) above sea level it’s perfect trek for beginners it’s easy trek but if you’re visiting first time, keep understanding of direction from the parking area, the fort height is really good and the view is amazing picnic spots near lonavala khandala Tip - stay for stargazing, lonavala near places tourist spot in lonavala

Lonavala places to visit

Ekvira Temple - Mumbai to ekvira temple lonavala distance

lonavala to ekvira temple fare - its free & Located near Karla Caves at Lonavala in Maharashtra is the temple of Ekvira Aai where goddess It is worshipped next to the caves which were once a center of Buddhism. The temple is a revered place for the Aagri-Koli People. According to Hindu scriptures, Goddess Ekvira is considered as an incarnation of Goddess Renuka. The temple stands on a hill and is surrounded by Karla caves, which comes under the Archeological department of India. While the presiding deity is Ekvira Aai, an idol of Jogesvarī Devi is seen on her left. lonavala station to ekvira temple distance (11.9 km)

Lonavala places to visit

Wet & Joy Water Resort lonavala water park

spots near lonavala Nestled in the lush Western Ghats, Wet n Joy is a popular destination for Mumbai and Pune residents. Explore all 25 rides, including a wave pool of 60,000 sq.ft., India’s largest. Float down the Crazy River, or shake a leg at the rain dance station. Kids will love the Royal Castle, a giant aqua station with plenty of slides. There are four restaurants within the park that serve Maharashtrian fare, Italian, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. Food stalls whip up ice golas, roasted corn, popcorn, and more.

Lonavala places to visit

Pawna Lake Camping & resorts lonavala tourist spots

lonavala near Places to visit in lonavala package for couples It is located near the village of Pawna in the Maval taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra. It is approximately 120 kilometers from Mumbai and 60 kilometers from Pune, making it easily accessible by road. The nearest railway station is Lonavala, which is about 25 kilometers away, and the nearest airport is Pune Airport, which is about 55 kilometers away. Lonavala station to Pawna lake distance 30 Minutes away Total Distance 33Km resort near panvel for one day picnic

Lonavala places to visit

Tung Fort lonavala points

This is also named Kathingad fort. The word "Kathin" in Marathi means difficult. While climbing, one can experience the difficult challenge of reaching this fort. The fort is conical and has steep climbs with a very narrow route on the edge of the mountain throughout. From Pawana dam, reaching this fort requires a 400-metre climb. From Lonavala, one can reach the base village Tungwadi around 20 km via Bushy Dam

lonavala places to visit

Visapur Fort

From the settlement of Bhaje, this trek starts. Leave the settlement by the mud trail. Most of this hike is flat. From the route, it is easy to see the fort's walls. The track separates after 4 kilometres. The one on the right leads to Lohagad, while the one on the left leads to Visapur. Take the left-hand trail. The trail starts to progressively ascend from here. Arrows will show you the way through the forest; follow them until you get to a cottage. An orange-painted stone with the figure of a horse on it has been set here as a marker. Here, places to visit in lonavala in one day At this turn, the trail through the waterfalls (in the monsoon) starts behind the lush vegetation. Water is seen flowing down the stones.

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Wedding Photoshoot Points

pre wedding shoot locations in lonavala Lonavala beauty hills are famous for wedding shoot, Couple from Mumbai, Pune do pre wedding shoot near the beauty points

Lonavala places to visit

Bhaje Caves

The entire Bhaja cave Buddhist complex has simple rock-cut Viharas called living rooms and water Cisterns. The vihars have pillared verandahs in front and are adorned with unique reliefs. The viharas at Bhaja are carved in two levels. There are a few double-storied viharas too. There is only one vihara at Bhaja that has some sculptural decoration. Bhaja Caves are the best example of Buddhist cave architecture in India. They are located on a hill village Bhaja in Pune district near Lonavala, Mumbai. Bhaja Caves can be dated back to the 2nd century BC and are among the oldest caves in Western India.

Maganlal Chikki

Famous Maganlal Chikki

Maganlal chikki is now indis's famous chikki because of its taste, The famous chikki from lonavala, maganlal Chikki is a traditional evening snack made from nuts, jaggery, and ghee. But, did you know that these nutty-brittles were an innovation that helped build railroads in India?

Lonavala places to visit

Resorts in lonavala with water park Kumar Resort

Gazebo dhaba lonavala Kumar Resort, located in the heart of Lonavala, is also a pleasant option for vacationers. The place is developed with a twist and features a remarkable water park, having 11 slides, 6 swimming pools and a rain dance floor. During weekends, the resort remains packed with little ones and families. Be it a long vacation or just a-day-long picnic, Kumar Resort is perfect for all kinds of outings. Moreover, it has banquet halls and gaming zone too for the comfort of guests. good resort near panvel for one day picnic

Hotels in lonavala for couples & family

Della Adventure - lonavala tourist places images

what is there in lonavala ? The celebrations have already started now that winter has arrived. They bring a lot of holidays, therefore there is a festive atmosphere in the air. Since the mountain valley is one of the nicest places to go in the winter, many people from Mumbai and Pune will be making travel plans to Lonavala. Therefore, you will adore P18 Nightclub & Lounge at Della if you also like to travel to the hill town and have a joy with your pals and family. This is why: Airy, Extravagant Dance Floor, and Extremely Cool Ambience Lounge P18 is one of Lonavala's finest nightclubs, and its upscale interiors are one of the factors that elevate it to the top. The setting is a beautiful fusion of DELLA Adventure

Lonavala places to visit

Tail Baila - lonavala tourist map

The Lonavala region's TailBaila features two substantial walls that are between 200 and 250 feet tall. the name of the community. As you enter the village, you will notice two large walls. The first is known as the right outer wall and the second as the left inner wall. The first 60 feet or so of the left inner wall are comprised of a small traverse followed by a few small steps to the next point. As you complete another challenging move, you will receive some stairs that will take you to another location where you can summit the Tail Baila Wall. To get to base, one must drop roughly 200 feet. Forts like Sudhagad, Ghangad, Navra Navri pinnacle, Savashnicha Ghat, and others may be seen from Tailbaila Summit.

Lonavala places to visit

Ambey Vally - lonavala spot to visit

Aamby Valley City, built to provide exceptional living spaces and tucked away among the imposing Sahyadri mountains, is a blend of nature and people. Visitors to City can take use of a variety of amenities and leisure pursuits. Adventure Sports Park, Go-Karting, Water Sports, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Sketch Zone, VR Gaming Zone, Trackless Toy Train, Guided City Tours, ILA Spa, and more amenities are available The city's infrastructure is extremely outstanding, featuring an 18-hole championship golf course, an international school, a hospital, shopping centres, a functioning airport, and a recreation with a gym and indoor sports facilities. Restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines include Woodpecker and A Cafe, Mabruk, which serves Mediterranean food, Global Chaska, which serves specialties from northern India, and Soul Food.

Lonavala places to visit

Dhudhivare waterfall - lonavala famous spots

picnic spot near mulshi - A historic mountain pass known as the "khind" next to the village of Dudhiware connects Lonavala, Pawna Maval, and Paud in Mulshi. The breathtaking vista of the Sahyadri hills and the waterfalls in the rain have long made it a popular destination. Numerous young people frequently come to this location to abseil at the Dudhiware Waterfalls as well as to see the Pavana Dam and Lohagad Fort. In addition to the loose rocks, the 17-kilometer section is also devoid of safety grills and railings, which makes it extremely hazardous for both bikers and automobiles.

Lonavala places to visit

Mini Balaji Temple, Narayanpur, NH4

One of the good peaceful temple in outskirts of Pune, Mumbai-Bangalore NH4 highway. We had been from Hinjewadi, Initially reached Swargate and took bus(bus frequency is every half an hour) and reached Narayanpur stop in the highway, In temple Mobile phones are not allowed so can keep in safety lockers of temple trust and the complete temple in lonavala darshan hardly takes 30 min and prasadam will be yummy laddu. Bus stop to temple 3.5Km

Pawna lake camping in lonavala

Hadshi Lake & Camping

valley of adventure hadshi Perfect Entrance! a location with BBQ where you may experience nature at its finest. Hadshi Camping is pleasant and tranquil, our site is secluded and touches the lake, so people may enjoy themselves with their separate groups without worrying. One can take a seat next to a lake and enjoy the breeze while admiring nature's beauty. Camping provides a tranquil and soothing atmosphere. It facilitates getting in touch with nature and provides a much-needed vacation from demanding routines, excel, ppts, and goals. The appeal of Valley of Adventure Hadshi lakeside camping is the sound of singing birds in the evening and the still, rippling water. Believe me, the ambiance is breath-taking and rejuvenating.

Pawna lake camping in lonavala

Panshet Camping

lonavala points Panshet Resorts has beautiful view from panshet, Panshet camping near Khadakwasala dam Tent and Camping. panshet dam resort & panshet valley resort Book your stay at this beautiful dam overlooking resort & campsite. Clean & Sanitized camps. Includes tent accommodation, meals, DJ music, outdoor games, indoor games, and bonfire Best tent and Camping is one of the famous picnic spots of Pune and attracts many visitors from Mumbai. Camping activity is available

Kamshet Paragliding

paragliding A lush view was offered from the paragliding point kamshet hotels. On the South side, I noticed a small line going across the fields, realized that it was NH 4. From the North side, I was witnessing a small lake known as Valvanti, where the farm fields nearby were pretty green. kamshet resorts& kamshet dam ,kamshet camping &.kamshet waterfall spot Kamshet from Mumbai 102 Kms Kamshet distance from Pune (46.4 km) It was a complete view of varied colors. The view of Highway in black with various patches of farm fields and big trees assumed it to be Mango because it was densely populated by green leaves. The golden color of the grass and sun rays were mixing it together with a static blue patch of Valvanti Lake Kamshet hotels, kamshet railway Station is nearby After excusing our attention from the view, we searched for our instructor, and we met him. He started giving basic instructions about What is, what is, what one must do while taking off, what one must do while landing. He gave a 15-minute crash course before we begin our adventure of Flying like a bird, or paragliding. reen park located in the heart of Lonavala, is a perfect spot for a peaceful stroll or a picnic with family and friends.

Valvan Village Resort

Couple Point In Pune The Lake is made across the Kundali River in Lonavala Beautiful greenery and calm peaceful surrounding make up thedamn look beautiful which is perfect outing spot in lonavala The dam is huge water serves as the source of water generation of electricity at the khopoli Power station which is owned by Tata power and located at the foothill of sahyadri mountain with scenic beautiful sides

Gazebo lonavala View Point

Gazebo Dhaba is famous for its food and ambience, its a very beautiful restaurant to visit in lonavala surrounded with kumar resort water sports, its a place for Famous mughlai and biryani cuisine, People from foreign country surely visit this dhaba for perfect hunger spot build with beautiful dining tables


kataldhar waterfall

Katal’ means a wall of rock and ‘Dhar’ means a waterfall. Kataldhar waterfall is a scenic refuge that provides a break from the annoying throng. You would choose to stay here for hours since the natural beauty is so overpowering. The area is perfect for trekking and hiking in addition to impressing nature lovers with its pure environment. The spectacular Rajmachi Fort vista Kataldhar waterfall offers a thrilling and difficult route over treacherous stretches and dense forests.

Khanadal sunset point

khandala sunset point - lonavala location

best sunset point in lonavala khandala picnic spot places to visit in lonavala and khandala This is famous because people travel from Mumbai to Lonavala will take break here on the highway to see sunset view, its clearly beautiful from khandala point and Lonavala sunrise point time is around 7'clock, khandala visiting places

jayanand dham in lonavala

jayanand dham Reviews lonavala

lonavala tourist attractions Everything is superb. The room is specious, very neat and clean, has AC and a geyser, a table or chair, a stand for wet cloth, and a reasonable rate, but man should be there for an elderly person to carry luggage in to room. Food is ok, breakfast is excellent, but lunch is very simple, no salad-lemon, buttermilk is like white water; the staff is very neat, clean; and the service is too good. Good seating arrangement in compound, well-maintained garden. MUST VISIT.

Tripchilly boating club in Pawna

Tripchilly boating club in Pawna

best places in lonavala for couples lonavala tourist places open now Tripchilly boating club at pawna Lake, pavana dam is amazing for adventure Stay at Lonavala Resorts for one day picnic

Cooper fudge

Coopers fudge lonavala

I have bought fudge from many places in Lonavla but none - sadly - none come any close to matching the taste of Cooper's. So, don't waste your money buying from any other place! In case you reach late and the stock has gotten over at Coopers, then you can try at "Frend's Chikki", a shop owned by an Ismaili Bohra Gujju who makes OK-quality fudges. I am telling this from my 15 years buying experience at Lonavala.

bedse caves

Bedse caves - lonavala points to visit

The Bedse caves are considered an important stage in the development of Buddhist cave architecture in India. These are a group of Buddhist rock-cut monuments some 9 kilometres from the Bhaja caves. BThe when Satavahana rulers were also expanding their hold over Deccan, Andhra and Western coast of India. It have historical importance. The Kalinga war fought by Ashoka changed the life of this great ruler. He was so filled with remorse and grief stricken that he decided to shun violence and never to take up arms. To atone for this great mistake Ashoka embraced Buddhism and built numerous Buddhist

swami samarth

Lonavala swami samarth math

Shri Swami Samarth Math houses a huge statue of Shri Swami Samarth. The copper colored statue is about 6 feet high and is made of ‘Panchadhatu’, which means five metals. One can seek the blessings of Shri Swami Samarth and then sit in the serene temple for a little while, soaking in its divine and peaceful atmosphere. The temple complex also has a Dhyan Mandir, a meditation hall, where one can mediate and pray. The Mandir has an idol of Shri Swami Samarth, a mural of Lord Dattatreya and photos of revered saints – Shri Sai Baba and Shri Gajanan Maharaj.

Wagheshwar Temple Pawna Lake

This temple in lonavala is near This place is mostly underwater throughout the year. It is reachable in summer time only when water level of lake is low, it is hardly 15 minutes away from Pawna Lake campsite

Lonavala Mapro Garden

places to roam in lonavala Mapro Gardern is beautiful place to visit in lonavala it is famous for its food, artificial decoration inside the gardern, its beautiful for photography

lonavala lake

Lonavala Lake - Lonavala hill station points

Lonavala lake is one of the major attractive place to visit in Lonavala

Shree Narayani Dham Temple in lonavala

visiting places near lonavala one of tourist attractions in lonavala Shree Narayani Dham provides a spiritual retreat to tourists in Lonavala, all in presence of God. There are several facilities as the temple complex is spread over 4.5 acres. The most important, however, is the social aspect, Seva santhan and Shree Narayani Nari Chetna Kendra, through which activities are carried out for the upliftment of the society. There is also famouse German bakery lonavala

Rajmachi Fort - best points to visit in lonavala

lonavala khandala tourist places You can take a special tour through Maharashtra's most beautiful, unspoiled paths by trekking to fort. The historic fort, which is situated in the Karjat region amid the Sahyadris, is reachable in two ways: one is by the Kondivade hamlet, which is the less travelled path, and the other and most convenient route is via Lonavala, which provides fantastic sightseeing opportunities as you go. You may take in a panoramic view of Borghat and its surrounds from the top of the historic Fort, which was constructed in the 17th century.

hotel rama krishna lonavala

best sunset point in lonavalahotel in lonavala for family
hotels for stay in lonavala rama krishna lonavala

Imagica lonavala - sightseeing places in lonavala

lonavala near by places imagica tickets price - around 1000/- imagica mumbai ticket price imagica entry fees - approx 800 -1000/- Imagica water park in imagica resort are amazing, imagica hotel, imagica ticket booking imagica timings - 10 AM to 6 PM distance between lonavala and imagica - 24 km. Lonavala To Adlabs Imagica Distance imagica price per person could vary imagica tickets lonavala imagica entry ticket - 999/- ticket of imagica pune can be checked through the website. Mumbai Imagica distance - 74 km resorts near imagica

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