Pawna Lake Luxury Camping

There are many sites for glamping near Mumbai. Recently, we have started glamping near Pune. Let me tell you first that, what exactly is called Glamping. Glamping is Glamourous camping, I would say the advanced and luxurious type of camping.


Luxury Camping

The basic adventure setup is budget friendly and easy to pitch at any place, also easy to remove. The same concept doesn’t go with Luxury camping. Luxury camping is almost a fixed kind of setup along with the toilet-bathroom attached whereas in the case of adventure camping toilet washroom is common. Last few years Luxury Tent camping trend is picking up in Rajasthan, Rishikesh, and Rann of Kutch. With the same trend, fancy luxury tents in Lonavala are also making a good mark on Instagram. The taste of tourists changed in the last few years, and most of the crowd wants something new. People are preferring Pawna Lake luxury camping over top luxury hotels in Lonavala. The trend is changing and that’s why we have luxury tents in Lonavala.

Pawna Lake Glamping

Most of you are not aware that there are hundreds of campsites in Pavna lake Lonavala. But not all campgrounds in Pavna dam are up to the mark in service. Most of the camps in Lonavla don’t even have washroom facilities. Since 2018, the real camping operator started shifting focus from basic Pavna lake camping package to Premium Pawna Glamping stay in Lonavala. Pavna dam is the only best location for luxury camping near Pune.

Luxury Resorts in Lonavala

Pawna lake in Lonavala near Pune is not only the destination for tent camping near Pune but also a good place for luxury resorts in Lonavala. If you really want to avoid traffic and overcrowded city roads of Lonavala city then there are many options for glamping in Pawna Lake, Luxury villas near Pawna lake, Triangle house cottage and lot of adventure activities. Our campground is famous for Triangle glamping near Pune.

Glamping at Pawna Lake

Though the cost of glamping at Pawna Lake is slightly higher than traditional adventure camping, the experience and reviews of the same are much better as per the demand in the market. Most of the family crowd or aged tourists opt for the glamping near Pawna lake. This is the closest option for luxury tents near Mumbai.

We also provide luxury villas near Pawna lake. There are three A/c Lakeview luxury rooms at Pawna Lake. Luxury camping near Mumbai includes Triangle house cottages at Pawna dam with attached toilet bathroom.

Luxury camping near Mumbai

There are many places for luxury camping near Mumbai and Pune. Kolad luxury tent glamping is also a good option. Few luxury camping options in Karjat are good for weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune. Some of the Pawna farm stays are famous for glamping in Lonavala.

Booking Glamping tents in Lonavala

To book luxury tent camping resorts – call on – 7304105091. Glamping and camping package inclusion varies from the campground to camp in Pawna Lake. You have various options for staying in Pawna lake. Glamping and camping in new year celebration will have highest rate stay package.


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