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Looking for a places to visit near pawna lake perfect weekend trip with your family and friends? Are you looking for a break to rejuvenate from all the stress over the week in the city? Or are you simply looking to spend some ‘me’ time in the lap of nature? You have a lot of Trekking places near Pawna Lake in the perfect proximity from Pune and Mumbai. The beautiful pawna lake trekking is an artificial reservoir, fort near pawna lake lonavala trek places is just 20 km from Lonavala. Lots Of trekking places in lonavala but pawna lake is most attractive place in Across the lonavala.

Trekking Near Lonavala – Pawna Lake

This beautiful reservoir only recently has become a popular destination for camping and lonavala trekking places
near Lonavala. Check our existing Pawna Camping Packages. Witness the prettiest sunrise and sunset bringing out mesmerizing colours, always makes you wonder Mother Nature’s creation. The geographical location of Pawna Lake surrounded by the hills gives a picturesque landscape makes it a perfect place for campers. This place also comes with historic importance with various fortifications strategically located, making it all the more special for people looking for trekking point near me, trekking spots near Lonavala For trekking camp near me.

Forts near Pawna Lake:

1.       Lohagad Fort

forts near pune for trekking Lohagad fort takes you back to the Satavahana dynasty. This well-preserved fort rises to an elevation of 1033 m above sea level, beautifully overlooks Pawana Lake giving a perfect picture to take back as a souvenir. During monsoon, the fort is covered with dew and green moss making it a picturesque sight.

For The best place for trekking near me It is 77 km from Pune and 99 km from Mumbai, making it a great destination to explore from both the cities. The nearest train station is Malavali; 9 km from the station from where the trek usually starts. Another interesting part about this fort is, it connects you to Visapur fort by a small range.

2.       Visapur Fort

Visapur fort has a fascinating trail takes nature lovers by surprise every time. This popular destination stands tall and at the height of 1084 m offering a majestic view of Tikona fort, Tung fort, Lohagad Fort and the beautiful Pawna Lake. Visapur Fort is a part of Lohagad fort making it a twin fortification, with Visapur being tallest.

 Interestingly there are 3 routes to trek to the fort. 1. Patan village trail, 2. Bhaje caves trail, 3. Gaimukhkhind trail; It generally takes around 1 – 1.5 hours to reach depending on the route you take to reach the top. The trek is accessible from Mumbai and Pune, In fact, if you start early you can cover Twin fort on the same day.

3.       Tikona Fort

The beautiful Tikona fort also known as Vitandgad and popularly known as Triangle fort makes a great trekking destination for adventure lovers. It is located at an elevation of 3580 ft above sea level opens up to a panoramic landscape of lake and forts. The fort is known for its large doors, caves and temple of Trimbakeshwar mahadev with a small water tank.

It is 60 km from Pune and 120 km from Mumbai. The drive to Tikona fort is blessed with breathtaking view landscape and beautiful lakes. It generally takes around one hour to reach the top from the base of the fort.

4.       Tung Fort

A hill fort closest train station is Malvali and can also be reached from Lonavala forts. Tung fort is at an elevation of 1075 m above sea level. With Pawna dam being constructed, the fort is now surrounded by water on three sides making it all the more beautiful view to catch from the top of the mountain.

It is 90 Kms from Pune and 105 km from Mumbai. Making it perfect monsoon destinations for trekking places near Lonavala. The fort comes as in the list of Monsoon trek destinations amongst many such forts. It has outstanding views once you reach the top of the mountain.

5.       Morgiri fort

This Unexplored pune trekking places hill fort trekkers has recently been discovered by the trekkers near Lonavala, could have been a watchtower to keep a watch on nearby forts. Located 16 km from Lonavala, is an ideal destination for people who are looking for unexplored, away from the crowd destination. It is said that the fort elevates to 2500 ft above sea level.

6.       Korigad fort

Korigad is a beautiful hill forts near lonavala located at the elevation of 929 m above sea level and is an easy trek for beginners looking for trekking place near lonavala fort trek with a stunning view of Aamby valley city along with Tung and Tikona fort. 

These are some of the interesting trekking places near Pawna Lake you can plan for on your next visit to Pawna Lake trekking point in pune. 

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