Lohgad fort Valley Camping

On of our campsite located in the heart of the valley is Lohagad Campsite. It is 105 kms away from Mumbai and 63 kms from Pune. Nearest village is Malavali which is also famous for the nearby Bhaje Caves. The picturesque location of our campsite offers view of the Mumbai – Pune Expressway and the two forts standing tall adjacent to each other, Lohagad and Visapur. Lohagad Valley is crowded the most during the firefly’s festival and this unique insect is abundantly seen in this valley. Thus, Enjoy the stay at our campsite with Stunning Views, Delicious Food and Historic Lohagad amidst natural surroundings.


Welcome to our Campsite

Drive your own vehicle through the steep slopes of Lohagad Valleyand reach our campsite. On arrival, tents will be allocated accordingly. SettleDown for a while and gather at the dining area to enjoy the evening over fewsnacks and hot cup of tea.

BBQ time

Feast on the sumptuous meat and vegetables cooked over a BBQ. Allthe equipment of barbeque will be provided, we request you to bring the meatand vegetables as per your choice.

Dinner Delight

Dinner will be served around 9 pm at the dining area. Enjoy thedelicious meals of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes cooked country-style.

Campfire and Fun Games

There is no fun if there is no camping. Play fun games around thecampfire like Antakshari, Mis-Match, Traffic Jam, Dumb Charades and many more.Do not forget to gaze at the starry sky before dozing off.

Day 2

Good Morning Guys

Wake up around 7 am and enjoy the beautiful view the valleyoffers. Freshen Up and fill your stomach with delicious breakfast and hot tea.

Trek to Lohagad

Visit the Lohagad by yourself, to get a complete view of thisplace and this historical fort. Do not forget to take ample photos and safeselfies as these are the moments to capture.

Visit Us again

Descend back to the campsite to take your belongings. Bid Adieu tothis amazing campsite who provided you a memorable experience. We wish youhappy return journey.