Bike Ride & Adventure camping near Lonavala

I wanted to go for a ride to an unknown place near Mumbai. One cannot miss the chance of riding the bike especially when the monsoon is about to end. After a lot of discussion with my friends, we finalized for Pawna Lake.

Pawna Lake is one of the most beautiful locations near Lonavala. Along with my few friends, we decided to reach this beautiful place by riding through the traffic of Mumbai on to the countryside road from Panvel to Khopoli and then the famous Ghat of Khandala leading us into the laps of nature.

We started off from Dadar around 1 pm finishing our lunch at a nearby Restaurant. The total duration from Dadar to Lonavala was 3 hours. The roads in the city were awful compared to the countryside highway. I started regretting initially as the conditions of the road and traffic was horrible, to say the least. But after leaving Panvel, my mood was completely changed.

The nearby mountains were covered in the clouds and the coolness in the air during the afternoon was amazing. To add to its beauty, it was not sunny nor it was raining. I was getting the feeling of riding my way to heaven. Riding bike through the vivid shades of green on both sides of the road was mesmerizing. We decided to take a short break at Ashtavinayak Temple, Mahad to take Darshan of Lord Ganesh before heading to the final patch of natural beauty.

It was 2:30 pm when we bid adieu to the Lord of Knowledge, Ganpati Bappa. Driving through the narrow lane of Mahad, we reach the highway and begin our journey to Lonavala. But before reaching Lonavala, we had to drive through the Ghat of Khandala. The twirling turns and inclined slopes made the ride more enjoyable. The moment we crossed the flexure which comes before the Khandala Tunnel, we were in Clouds. The Duke Nose was not visible at all. Switching our headlights on, we headed slowly but steadily and departed from Highway to reach Lonavala.

Entering the crowd of travelers, we were tempted to take a break to grab a quick bite of the Lonavala Chikki. Resisting our temptations, we headed for Pawna Lake passing through the exhibition of natural beauty. We passed through the beautiful Lonavala Lake waving goodbye to the tourists who took a break to take a snap of this picturesque spot.

Winding Roads never cease to end in Lonavala. Riding to the twist and turn we reach a junction, one way heading towards Korigad Fort and other road heads to Pawna Lake. Before reaching Pawna Lake, we saw the Morgiri Fort from our bike and took a few snaps as well. The last 4 km from Pawna lake was off the road and thus, also enjoyed the experience of riding off-road.

It was 4 pm when we finally reach Pawna Lake. The view from Pawna Lake was stunning, astounding every one of us. The nearby Mountains were covered in the clouds displaying only half of their existence. The reflection of clouds on to the water of Pawna Lake was superb.

We were going to stay in such beauty was an added pleasure to every one of us and we started showing off our photography skills. To say the least, I personally experienced the 2 peaks of the measuring scale. From the terrible moments of the traffic and roads to the serene peaceful sightings of the journey. The location of Pawna Lake and the view from it was a prize which I took happily but the journey was priceless.

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